Women Owned Brands KTLA

March 2, 2022

May we treat women’s month like it’s everyday! I dropped by KTLA to highlight women-owned brands in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Kendra in French Lime and Avre Shoes

For more information on the products featured, see the links below.

Here are a few of my favorite female owned businesses you can support all year long!
Design Needs @kellincompanyinc
Clean Makeup @jouercosmetics
Best Footcare @barefootscientist
Jewelry @nataliebjewelry
Sustainable Fashion @baacalofficial
Bridal @pantorabridal
Best Wedding Photographer @teribphotography
Boho Fashion @islandtribe_
Resort Style @ramybrook
Hard Tea @theowlsbrew
Dopest Card Game @ladysargeant
Street style @milanodirouge
Tarot Reading @themidnighttarot

What are some of your favorite women owned brands? Let me know in the comments.


Excellent brands included here – I’m a big fan of the low-impact initiatives taken on by Avre. Another notable, woman-owned brand is B_Boheme. The Founder, Alicia Lai, is a pioneer in the vegan footwear space and has been running B_Boheme since 2005. They also focus on small-batch production, and incorporating low-impact materials. A very noteworthy brand.