Melissa Chataigne is a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist, host and public speaker inspiring women and men to celebrate their inner confidence through style empowerment and has brought relatable styling tips and skills for every woman to television, digital and print for the past decade.

After leaving her corporate career in healthcare marketing, she worked as celebrity stylist dressing Niecy Nash, Lindsay Lohan, Luc Robitaille, the members of Mint Condition and others. Melissa also was a fashion producer for Splash News TV where she voiced and produced top-rated style content and how-to styling tips that were translated into more than ten languages on a daily basis. She became a style expert for Clevver TV, CBS News, and other media outlets.

With the shock of losing her younger sister to suicide and her disillusionment about Hollywood’s constant pressure to remain unnaturally thin, Melissa committed her life and career to helping women of all sizes dress incredibly well and live full authentic lives.

And with that, Chataigne Style Studio was born.

Today, Melissa’s passion is accessible fashion beyond sample size – styling with purpose to help her audience dress with confidence! 

In her style workshops, she emphasizes the importance of finding and expressing YOUR authentic voice through fashion. Going beyond clothes and closets, she teaches confidence building skills to enhance a personal brand to up-level your success. Melissa’s ability to bridge the gap between celebrity luxury and real life accessibility combined with her business savvy makes her a unique talent. She’s quick-witted, saucy and approachable and continues to connect and inspire every chance she gets.