who is melissa chataigne?

Hi! I'm a TV Host and Fashion Life Stylist and confidence coach and nothing lights me up more than helping people find their superpower! I want you elevated & celebrated to live a #lifewellstyled - that encompasses what your wear, eat, listen to and the company you keep, so I'm glad you're here!

I began my career as an "image maker" styling celebrities who often had the worst self-confidence. After watching my sister lose her battle with depression and die by suicide, I turned my pain into purpose and chose to help others lead with confidence to step out into the world & be seen as their most stylish and powerful selves.

Join one of workshops, retreats, book me to lead a class for your company or personal styling services, visit The Chataigne Room TV and definitely subscribe to my newsletter. I want you to feel as good on the inside as I inspired you look on the outside! Let's go!

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things I'm known for:


Making fashion accessible for all!


Mind-blowing Style-Makeovers


Inspiring people to find their superpower


Bespoke Ceramics at Oui Carole

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Life Stylist on a Mission

Melissa, with over 15 years celebrity styling experience, is today one of the most sought after on-camera hosts and lifestyle & fashion experts in the television industry. With authority and a focus on accessibility, Melissa not only breaks down how to maximize a wardrobe and elevate confidence but she also inspires you to curate a life well-styled, highlighting the importance of aligning style with a healthy mind, body acceptance and lifestyle.

As a regular contributor and host for TODAY Show, Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment and Tastemade, Melissa effortlessly moves between live hosting, engaging interviews, jaw-dropping style transformations or interpreting Hollywood's most expensive looks into affordable styles for everyone. With charismatic energy and sharp insight, Chataigne is at home and thrives in any hosting situation; from award season red carpets and live shopping shows, cooking a meal and especially headlining her own show.

Her writing has appeared in multiple publications including her piece on the lack of diversity in fashion, published in the Los Angeles Times, as she uses inclusivity as the touchstone for all her endeavors. Melissa has been featured in People and Essence while her styling work is used for HBO, BET, Modern Woman, Flaunt, Style Me Pretty, Pacific Weddings and multiple red carpets. She also shares her journey of body acceptance and works as a mental health advocate with her wellness workshops and events. As an ambassador and content creator she’s collaborated with a myriad of fashion and beauty brands with sustainability, clean beauty and wellness on top of mind. Melissa garners a cult following with her real and raw weekly newsletter, Elevated Living. Her lifestyle brand, Oui Carole, offers natural, handmade ceramics for more intentional living.

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my roots:

I actually have a degree:

Get to know a bit more about


In Healthcare Admin

1st Gen Haitian-American

i can teach you:

fave places to unwind:

melissa chataigne of jp, inc

Ojai & Paris

Yoga and perform Reiki

surprising fact about me:

favorite designer:

Yves Saint Laurent

I was a professional Ballerina

my favorite activity:

astrological sign? human design?

Ceramics & Crochet

scorpio. projector 2/4

my favorite things

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melissa on river in paris
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my sister jenny

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with my mom

my best girl

How did you get into fashion & Hosting?

Frequently Asked Questions

I started my career in corporate healthcare. I worked FT during the day and assisted stylists after work and a night. I took a lot of free jobs till I could switch careers. I spent years pitching myself to producers before I ever had a manager. BEST. MOVE. EVER!

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what size are you? How tall are you?

I'm 5'8 with very long legs and a short torso.

I usually wear a 12-14.

The tip: Every designer varies in size. Try everything on.

I have a variety of clothing in my closet.

What are some of your essentials?

I shoot a lot with my Canon 70D, iPhone, and live with my MacBook. I also use Google Calendar, AirTable on the daily to keep me on track. Plus, I swear by Common Heir Retinol and Vitamin C, hot water and lemon, crystals, yoga and Angel Card.

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MELISSA is TV host, National Broadcast Contributor, Fashion Stylist, Speaker & Curator – who currently serves up style and substance on TODAY E!, Access Hollywood and TODAY! Her mission is to help you dress with ease and live a #livewellstyled

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