August 28, 2016

There is a time in every women’s life when you have to ditch the cardigans and chucks and go for a style makeover to dress for your career path. That’s exactly how I approached the styling of my recent client, Akilah. After working a few years, she’s headed to be an attorney and needed a more polished wardrobe to reflect her new path. Her awesome boyfriend, Keith, gifted my services for her birthday. With an $700 budget, I gave Akilah a more mature style makeover with important style tips to use in the future.


When Keith called me he said his goal was to surprise Akilah with a more mature wardrobe and give her a tomboy makeover. I chose some investment pieces that are versatile for layering and formal occasions. For example, I taught Akilah to pair a white boyfriend blazer a) with a bright dress (dinner) b) with jeans and heels (night out) and c) with shorts and a tank and sandals (for class).

Here are a few other looks, I put together. I emphasized layering to add texture, but still chose pieces within in her comfort zone.


Here is a short list of versatile must-haves for someone looking to upgrade their wardrobe for law school or such.

Melissa’s Closet Staples

White Blazer- Great for summer and easy to dress up and down.

Boyfriend Jean- Flats or sandals for a game and a heels for the evening. So easy to dress us.

LBD- Go bright with a little “bright” dress. A pop of color is way more flattering than boring black. (see below)

Wrap tank- Great piece to dress up and down.

Ankle booties- Goes with pants, denim, and shorts. Gives your wardrobe an edge

Statement bag- The right bag adds elegance to your look and helps put it together. Get a great deal on a designer bag at Trendlee and save with code: melissacha

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