July 3, 2017

I love a style adventure. Lately, I’m sick of all girls looking the same on Instagram: ruffle shirts, off the shoulder tops, printed rompers… it’s fast fashion and no effort.

Stop trying to dress like an influencer or a celebrity and dress like yourself!

The goal of my blog has always been to show my readers and clients that you don’t have to be skinny to be fabulous or to take style risks. You also don’t have to be a size two to fit into designer clothing. I’m encouraging you to take a style adventure by stepping into the world of the designer Heidi Merrick. She has a refreshing style, made-in-California take that is perfect for the beginner style adventurer. You’ll strut out of her DTLA flagship store in a piece that Beckys could only dream of!

The Look


I love the light and airy ankle skimming Fermat dress, which is perfect for day meetings or date night. By styling the dress with my Anine cowboy ankle boots, signature scarf, and round Balenciaga glasses, I created my own HBO’s Westworld meets St. Germain Paris look — a perfect dichotomy of urban cowgirl meets gypset.

I believe style is knowing what works with your body type and having fun with it!

Dress: Heidi Merrick | Additional items, shop below.

Style Adventure Styling Tips

1- Remember That Fit Is Key! Know your body shape and what clothing complements your style. Basic style rules still apply. Don’t ignore your waist or cut off the line of your leg. Check out my fit tips for suiting here.

2- Think Complimentary Colors. If you have red or pink undertones, don’t select a light pink dress. It will wash you out! Select colors that will enhance your skin tone.

3- Add Your Personal Flair. Add your favorite accent pieces, so staple pieces are more personal to your wardrobe. This is the difference between styling and costuming.

4- Stay Flexible. Although, you are adventuring with piece you normally wouldn’t wear, make sure you can still pair it with at least three items in your closet for versatility and longevity. I can style this dress with my boots, leather jacket, heels, and denim jacket.






The pattern on this dress is so gorgeous and summery!!


I’m so glad you like!

Thank you for these great reminders. They’re inspiring me to change up my look and try new things!

Thanks! I’m glad I can help!!! xo

I like your style a lot! 🙂 Dress looks very nice!

Thomas’s Wonderland

Yes! I love this! I admire your unique and original taste and look on fashion. You look great 🙂

The colours on the dress look so crisp and fresh for hot temperatures. I’d never have thought of coupling the dress with the ankle boots but it looks wonderful.

Thank you. Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you see things in a different light!

Haha I’m pretty sure I’ve worn the same style for the past 15 years! Style adventures freak me out- which means I should probably get on it 😉

Don’t be scared. Having a capsule is good, but I get tired of when everyone looks the same. It tips to keeping the basics of fit should keep it streamlined. Good luck!