April 6, 2017

There is nothing better than feeling confident in a stylish outfit, and the power suit is back with pink reigning supreme! Rosey pink or—dare I say it—”Millenial Pink” has taken over runways and infiltrated street style. This feminine yet empowering suit is giving me all the feels without being too frothy.

For many women, wearing a suit feels too overwhelming and boxy. Our bodies are so unique and shapely that it’s tough to find a perfect fit right off the rack. This is why a good tailor is a must for suit territory. They can transform any suit into a power suit, making sure you look sharp and classy.

My pink power suit was purchased on ASOS.com for $100 (blazer was $47.00 and trousers $53.00) on sale! I accessorized this ASOS premium suit with a stellar pair of gray Manolos, a vintage box bag, and one of my signature silk scarves. A few tiny tweaks to the hem, waist, back (lack of ass) and the addition of a hook took this suit to the next level.

Ready to step out in a suit? Read my mini styling and alterations guide below so you too can nail that power suit style.



Your blazer should be fitted across your shoulders, but not stretched taut. There should be ample room to lift/move your arms around without pulling on the jacket. The shoulder seam of the blazer should also not jut out past your shoulders so you don’t look too futuristic.

Alterations Tip: If you have to take in your shoulders, go to a tailor who is an expert in custom bespoke or custom tailoring.

Altering Blazer Length

Try to avoid this alteration if possible as it is very costly. If you have shorter legs, shop for a cropped length blazer. A boyfriend blazer (longer length) looks great over jeans and dresses, and is excellent for taller women.

Altering the Sides:

Shop for jackets that accommodate your widest point—whether it’s your shoulders or chest—and then have areas like the waist tailored down to fit (attention: curvy girls). When fully buttoned and worn over a long-sleeve shirt, a blazer should graze your torso.  There should not be any tugging or “fat man in a little coat” action.

Alterations Tip: Don’t take the jacket in or out more than a dress size, or it will completely compromise the garment proportions.

Altering Sleeve Length

A good rule for sleeves is for the length to end an inch past the wrist bone when arms are resting naturally, or just enough to let your timepiece show. When getting fitted, raise your arms to chest level to make sure your jacket won’t be too short.

Pants Altering the Waist/Hips

If only small alterations are needed, it is best to make them from the back seam. If more than a half an inch needs to be taken in or out, the tailor should work from both sides to keep the proportions intact.


With shoes on, pant length should be about an inch from the ground. I prefer them a bit cropped this season. If they are too long, they will drag on city streets. If they are too short, watch out for floods.  

Alterations Tip: Bring your favorite heels along to the tailor to ensure the perfect length.

Blazer: ASOS Blazer | Trousers: ASOS Trouser | Sunnies: Balenciaga (sold in Paris) | Scarf: Anna Coroneo | Bag: Vintage  | Heels: Manolo Blahnick 

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Lady! I am obsessed with this look, this power suit is EVERYTHING on you! I am always intimidated by suit shopping so I’m ashamed to say that I don’t own a power suit; that said, you’ve inspired me to keep an eye out for one. Found you as a fellow Links a la Mode-r this week; your post is def one of my favorites! Many thanks for the helpful tips.

xo, Dax

Hi! I’m so glad you like it! Don’t be ashamed! It takes time to find. I’m so thankful for the compliment. Let me know if I can help you shop. It is what I do. We can do a complimentary call and follow up skype session. So happy to connect. Keep being fabulous!!!!! xo

I absolutely love pink suits!!!! Pink is my fave color. But I particularly love how suits make me monochrome!

Not everyone can wear a suit and wear it well! You definitely can! And I love that light pink color to your suit too.

Jessica | notjessfashion.com

Really great tips, I can’t agree enough on how important alterations are to make a suit look tailor-made for you! Beautiful choice of suit too.

Wonderful tips and details on how to wear this years suit and alterations. I love the reminder to bring the heels. I am so guilty of forgetting that all the time!

I’m so glad you found them valuable! Don’t forget the heels!!!

What awesome tips & you’re pulling off the pink so well! Beautiful!

Glad you liked them. Thank you so much!

I’m glad you liked them. Thank you lady!

I’m not a pink lover, but this shade of pink is so lovely and it suits you perfectly! Goes really well with your amazing skin tone, love it! <3

Oh thank you. You are so sweet! Even if you don’t like pink you can still try the styling tips?