March 9, 2017

French women have a reputation for having an impeccable fashion sense. For them French girl style it’s not about the brands, but in the way in which they carry themselves and styling  looks with a certain “Je ne sai quoi.” With my Haitian-French upbringing and my recent trip to Paris in September, my style has totally taken a swing, French. Here are a few personal styling tips to redefine your French girl style.

Tips for Redefining French Girl Style

  • Add a silk Scarf. This look never goes out of style. Ditch the statement necklace and you can combine a neck scarf with almost every look. Bonus: Extra sun protection and warmth if you are always chilly, like me.
  • Black is timeless. The French stay neutral with black coats and add a pop of color. Black goes with everything, it is slimming and makes you look more polished.
  • Try loafers. A pair of men’s shoes will perfectly compliment a suit or a juxtaposition of a feminine skirt.
  • Top it off with a beret! This sexy and feminine accessory has made a comeback. I purchased this one in Paris. I love styling it during the day with this look or on the weekends with black jeans. Beatnik-inspired.
  • Don’t shy from hosiery. Fishnets, opaque tight or such are an excellent way to add texture to your look. Don’t be afraid to try some fishnet tights during the day for a twist to your look!

Beret: Laulhere | Blazer: Zara | Skirt: Derhy | Fishnet Socks: Wolford | Shoes: Loeffler Randall |

Clutch: Vintage Coach | Cuff: Balenciaga 




When I went to France, I was beyond impressed with how stylish everyone in the city dressed. Even the kids were running around looking more polished than I. I truly am a fan of their style, and I love your list! I’ve recently gotten into the scarfs. I’ll have to try some unique hosiery next!

I know! It totally got me inspired to uplevel my style. Now I shop for scarves all the time. I get a bit a Nordstrom for under $50 and every once and a while I splurge. As both of us are Haitian we grew up dressing really well. As we get old I feel like returning to that polished state.

Grteat post, I very like your combination 🙂

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Thank you! xo