December 25, 2017

melissa_chataigne_target_style_onesie_ojaiMerry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of my clients and readers! The holidays hustle is finally slowing down and it’s time to reflect and relax.

Christmas is a special time to give thanks. As I’ve gotten older it’s less about the gifts and more about the gratitude. As hard as it is to gather with family as my husband and I live far from ours, we are able to connect with each other and be present.

This marks our 2nd Christmas in Ojai and celebrate a mini “staycation.” It definitely feels different here as this little town we love so much as been destroyed by fire and tourism is non-existent. We enjoyed our time in town at our favorite spots and watched Christmas classics in our hotel drinking wine.



Looking around Ojai from the highest point standing on the charred earth looks like no man’s land. To view the burned home breaks my heart, but the mother earth will renew. It’s a lesson in gratitude and not be tied to material possessions as the gifts of the soul keep the spirit-rich to rise like a phoenix once again.

2017 was great for some and tough for others like the lesson in death and rebirth, I hope you will rise high in 2018.

I am incredibly grateful this season for the love and support I get from my family, friends, clients and all of my followers. It’s a blessing that I have this platform to share not only my fashion, confidence and beauty tips but also be able to include you guys in wins and struggles. I will continue to be transparent and show the good and bad because it makes climbing the mountains that much sweeter. Sending you so much love this holiday season.

With Gratitude,