What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

June 12, 2023

This week we celebrate Fathers Day. I spoke to a few of my favorite guys around Los Angeles to get the scoop on what they really want and how they want to spend their Father’s Day. Follow them and shop this very special list.

PRESTON NGO | Producer & Photographer

“I’d want camera lenses for my DSLR camera…. or I’d like to take an at least week long family trip to Tokyo, Paris, or Italy. I know, also random stuff! I’m a simple man.”

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Willam Marfuggi from Entertainment Tonight

WILL MARFUGGI | Correspondent Entertainment Tonight

“I’m a couple of decades into my career, and I’ve lived enough life and bought enough stuff to know what I really want for Father’s Day is something money can’t buy… more time with my young kids before we all get old.  When I get a work-free night or weekend I want some quality time with my kids. We love to play with Magna-tiles together. It scratches the STEM itch for them and I also have a ton of fun building with them. No screens, no phones, just us connecting.

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kevin seldon dilf podcast

KEVIN SELDON | Founder ‘DILF’ Dad I’d Like to Friend Podcast

Kevin has curated a ton of cool DILF  products from tees, bags and travel essentials. His favorite is this luxurious headache relief eye mask.

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brent briggs

BRENT BRIGGS | Music Agent & Partner

I’m a busy dad, but I like to stay stylish at home. I’ll probably ask for these pajamas pants and Adidas slides.

GERRY MARTEL | Restaurant GM & My BFF

All I want is:

1. Time with my daughter

2. Family vacation

3. Night out with friends. The material possessions don’t matter.

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Aren’t these guys are the best? What are you getting your favorite guys?