April 16, 2017

After 40 days of half-ass sacrifice of indulgences such as sugar, shopping, or cocktails, the humbling season of Lent usually results in an Easter binge celebration.  I’ve definitely been guilty of choosing the easy route, and this year, I wanted to commit to something that would have a lasting effect on my life. What would be the point of going without if I didn’t improve as a person? I always encourage my clients and mentees to “be better than yesterday” every single day — and that applies to me, too. So, I decided to take a big leap and make Lent about changing a subtle, but destructive, habit:

I decided to quit playing small.

It was time to stop playing safe with my career, being stuck in situations that no longer served me, and not speaking my truth. I pushed myself physically and mentally to live unapologetically in all aspects of my life. I asked for what I wanted, I took up room (literally), and laughed as loudly as a Sunday church bell. I challenged myself not to be afraid of showing the world who I was and what I was here to do.

The last 40+ days haven’t been easy, but by the end of this season of Lent, I feel better and stronger than in years past. Remember: Every morning you have a choice to change a habit that does not serve you.

I chose to quit playing small. And it will last me much longer than 40 days.

What do you choose? Let me know how you change in the comments section below.

I want to give a shout out to my dear friend, Nancy Clifton-Hawkins, sent me this gorgeous artwork that perfectly arrived on Easter to celebrate my time moving forward. It really affirmed what I had set out to do. Thank you, dear friend. You continue to inspire me.






Great tips! I used to be that girl that hated beach day. It wasn’t until here recently that I will lay on the beach and not grab for my cover up. At the age 41 I love everything about me, flaws and all.
Thanks for sharing!

CJ ❤️

It has taken a while for me to embrace that. I think it’s called living to appreciate the body we have. xx