January 3, 2017

I have spent the last week mentally preparing for a wonderful year of success by listing my goals (blog about that here) and perfecting my business plans, but haven’t shared much about my thoughts on New Year style resolutions.  Let’s face it, as much as we like to talk about our goals, what we project in our fashion sense goes hand in hand. It’s time to set the right intentions with style empowerment. I teach my clients that a confidence and a well-curated outfit will help you attract the lifestyle you want. Let’s release the ill-fitting items and toxic behaviors holding us back from being our best selves and have a stellar new year!



1. Purge your closet of all items that you have not worn in the past year and don’t make you feel good. Why hold on to items that just take up space and make you feel awful. Let’s it go! New Year! New you! If you need help, click here.

2.  Get a skin care and beauty regimen. You can’t be styled to perfection and not complete the picture. Don’t leave your face without moisturizer or have the wrong foundation. Now is the time to get it right and see a dermatologist or expert.

3. Do not care about clothing size, but focus on fit. The sizes on clothing varies with each designer. Don’t get stuck on the number and end up squeezing into a dress or suit like a sausage. I vary up to 4 sizes in my closet. No shame in the numbers game. I slay ever time.

4. Invest in a tailor. Yes, your clothes fit well, but those sleeves can be shorted and that waist taken it. It’s the difference between good enough and WOW! Let’s make this year the of investing in yourself  to be the most confident.

5. Put an end to body shaming yourself and others. I’m tired of fat shaming, skinny shaming, purging, binging, Instagram hating, and Twitter wars. It has to end. Men do it. Women do it. Our president-elect does it. Let’s rise up and just end it.

6. Break-up with fast fashion. I said it. If you exclusively shop at H&M, Forever 21, Wal-Mart, or those cheap online stores you are throwing money and away and hurting the environment and economy. If an item costs $4, how much does it cost to make in labor? How many times will you re-purchase that item? It is better to spend a bit more money the first time and have it last a long time. Say it with me: Investment pieces….

7. Focus on your own personal style not on trends. Fashion fades, personal style lasts. So focus on curating you own. Not every trend is something that works for you and your body type. It is nice to add a few pieces every season, but classics never go out of style.

8. Add essentials to your wardrobe. Now is the best time to shop your closet and see what items you need to add to capsule wardrobe.

9. Stop being lazy. Don’t roll out of bed and toss on a pair of sweatpants and a college tee-shirt, especially if you are long out of college. What message are sending out to others? There are so many nice athleisure options. Stop being lazy and invest in your appearance. Let the garbage/fat clothes go.

10. Only wear clothes that make you feel confident. Confidence is your best foundation under every outfit!

What are you style resolutions? I would LOVE to hear them in the comments section. Don’t forget to check out the details of this look below.

Happy New Year!



Those are great resolutions! Wardrobe planning is also one of mine for this year! You have a very cool style btw 🙂 X
Nadine Cathleen | Karateandcaviar.com

I definitely agree with the purge. I did that as soon as I got a day off after Christmas. I purged my closet of stuff I was holding onto that I don’t wear as much and stuff that just needed to go to that big clothing rack in the sky.

These are such great tips to start off the year! And you look amazing in that green top!


Wonderful words Melissa and you look amazing.

Thank you mama!!!!! Happy New Year!