Have a closet full of clothes, but feel like you have nothing to wear?

Let’s end the wardrobe overwhelm by creating new outfits from you and give you a style refresh!

I will teach you how to style power outfits to unleash the best version of you with pieces you already own! You will have 10- plus styled outfits based on your lifestyle and goals, ensuring that you always have something to wear so you’re dressed and out the door in minutes. This service is best combined with the closet cleanse. 

With this service, you’ll receive:

  • A 30- minute style and brand assessment
  • You’ll learn how to define your personal style
  • A 2-hour closet styling session
  • One-one-one personal styling attention
  • You’ll learn how to dress for your body
  • Closet organization tips
  • 10-plus styled outfits based on your lifestyle and goals
  • A curated list of wardrobe pieces and accessories to purchase

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