“I actually have a job interview, because I  just walked in and said I wanted to work. The store manager said he admired how I carried myself with confidence. I attribute this from my lessons with Melissa.”

Caitlin Hawkins, Sigma Sigma Simga, Kent State University

“Melissa is warm, empathetic, and sincere. Her storytelling abilities are heartwarming and uplifting, and her presence alone makes you feel instantly comfortable. From the minute you meet her, Melissa feels like a close friend you’ve had for life. Her positive, upbeat attitude and energy is infectious to be around. I highly recommend her as an empowerment speaker and personal stylist.” 

 Amy Zhang, Junior League Los Angeles 

“I think working with Melissa and with girls on their personal style encouraged them to think outside the box and be more confident. We saw a sharp rise in new members and our chapter finally hit quota after Melissa worked with our house! She’s an asset to any chapter looking to improve their confidence, etiquette, and recruitment numbers.”

– Rachel Brahler, Chapter Advisor Sigma Sigma Sigma Kent State University

“Melissa is a god send!!! After a crazy stressful move cross-country from NYC and in desperate need of some unpacking / organizing help, Melissa swooped in and completely took over my wardrobe. Not only did she clean house and (happily) force me to get rid of clothing that I had holding on to for far too long, she got my closet and dressers in tip-top shape! Melissa saved me an incredible amount of time and effort and set me up to keep my wardrobe and accessories in order….rather then their normal haphazard state!”

-Emily Webster, TV Producer Los Angeles

“I’m an engineer in video games and my wardrobe had evolved to jeans and free game t-shirts. It was time for a more sophisticated, yet still casual, look. I worked with Melissa and we found a new wardrobe for much less than I expected to spend. It even included some nicer items to wear to interviews. When I started wearing the new items to work, I received a ton of compliments.

Melissa was easy to work with, fun, and knowledgeable. Not only did she help me find the new clothes, she taught me how to find stylish items that fit my personality. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to improve your style.”

-Brett Simms, Orange County, CA

“Melissa takes style very seriously, and strives to be as informed and connected as possible to the subtleties of her craft. She possesses a mind-boggling knowledge of clothing and trends, and expertly applies that knowledge to the task at hand. She finds creative solutions – even when working with limited resources – to the most challenging wardrobe conundrums, and deals with setbacks with aplomb. Besides being fantastic at what she does, Melissa brings infectious energy and a personable warmth to her job that elevates everyone around her.”

-Elizabeth Cauvel, Creative Director