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Every day I am inspired by friends and colleagues who are out in the world making things happen. Together, creatives like designers, writers, photographers, or stylists like myself contain a wealth of skills and abilities that can be channeled to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. We just have to make the choice to do so. When we do, that’s truly stylish living. Therefore, I created Style with Purpose community with three three avenues of action:

1. #StyleWithPurpose is a private invite only group in a safe curated online community where you can honestly share your style and career goals while being supported. We are here to empower and celebrate your progress and ideas! Learn about events here!

2. #StyleWithPurpose produces a monthly Facebook Live show where I interview influential and inspiring entrepreneurs as they share their stories about living their life with intention. Their struggles and successes will inspire you to up-level your life and quit playing small.

3. #StyleWithPurpose calls on our collective of creatives to use their talents through monthly community projects. These projects can be anything from clothing donation drives to entrepreneurial coaching workshops to interview styling. While I will curate the first projects to get them off the ground, ultimately these projects are meant to be inspired by the #StylewithPurpose community.

Join the private Facebook community here to network with other professionals and stay up to date on events!


#StyleWithPurpose is a monthly Facebook Live show with inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs sharing stories of their rise to success, overcoming obstacles and living their life with intention. This intimate chat will take place in the origin of authentic style, their closet or creative space, inspiring you to uplevel your life, quit playing small and start living your style with purpose.

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