style_and_goals_planner_melissa_chataigne_stylistNew Year, a more improved you! Now is time for self-reflection. Setting goals and writing tasks is something I enjoying doing all year long, not just for the New Year. So my Align Your Style & Goals Planner is something you can you at any time! It is a good idea to start fresh with your goals. You may remember these sheets from last year, but these are new and improved! To download follow the link below and it will be delivered straight to your inbox.

There is often so much focus on finding love and success that we forget about how we are presenting ourselves. How you show up matters too!  A refined style and curated wardrobe allows you to focus on what you do best while making the right impression. What are your clothes saying?



I’m sharing the “secret sauce” I use with my clients to identify their personal style.

  • How to align your closet with your lifestyle and/or brand
  • How to pick and plan your outfits with success
  • How to cleanse your closet
  • Plus, my NEW YEARS STYLE CHALLENGE! Join and send feedback by tagging #chataignestylegoals

I’ve spent a lot of time planning this for you. I truly hope you enjoy the benefits of this workbook and reach your goals! I’m here to support you along the way!

Happy New Year!





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You'll learn my goal setting and styling tips to be your most confident and powerful self in the new year. Are you ready?

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