March 15, 2022

One of my go-to skin care tips is using retinol to improve skin texture. Thankfully Common Heir just dropped their new retinol for melanin skin which I have been using for the last 6 weeks. Here are my top tips for using retinol if you’re a beginner.

Retinols are proven to reduce the signs of skin aging, improve the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone, improve skin texture, collagen production in the skin… BUT topical Retinols come with some potential side effects, they can cause dryness, irritation and sometimes even dermatitis, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. It’s all about a consistent plan and patience. Avoid if preggers.

1. Start low go slow: start with a smallest amount – start with once a week, maybe twice a week and then you can increase this frequency, as your skin gets used to the new rate of skin turnover.

2. Use this retinol at night! Most OTC retinoids deactivate in day light/UV, so don’t waste your bucks and lets the magic happen while you sleep.

3. Initially it may be best to use a moisturizer BEFORE applying the retinol, the sandwich method is applying moisturiser before and after applying the retinol. I didn’t have any issues with Common Heir’s retinol and loved it from the start. Also, make sure your face is completely dry, not damp at all so the product can do its work.

4. The best part about CommonHeir is that the product comes in already measured out biodegradable capsules so you will never waste! Avoid the nasal, and neck area initially. Do a test with the sandwich method as the neck has less oil glands and hence, more sensitive.

5. Use SPF daily, or all the good you are doing with the retinol to reverse the signs ageing is being negated by the UV light!

Try Common Heir for yourself by visiting their webSite. Use their code and receive 10% off with code MELISSACHATAIGNE