I’m packing for our honeymoon in Europe, which means I’m packing just essentials, because want to have plenty of room for all the fabulous clothes I’ll being bring back. I don’t believe in checking luggage and like to be able to move quickly through Europe – efficiency, style and comfort is key- so carry on is a MUST! I teach this same lesson to my clients and because I consider myself expert traveler,  here are some of my carry on travel essentials.



I love to stay comfortable on long flights and need to be able to sleep comfortably hence choosing althleisure over jeans. I prefer wearing dark-colored yoga pant with a light sweater and sneakers.  The sneakers are easy to slide on and off during security checks. I love layers, because I’m either really hot or cold on flights so I upgrade my look with a leather jacket and always carry my LV scarf which doubles as a blanket. When its lights out, I switch my shoes for a pair of soft chenille fuzzy socks and my eye mask.

Pants//Alo Yoga//Sweater// All Saints// Scarf// Louis Vuitton// Jacket // Vintage//

Hat// Janessa Leone// Shoes// Adidas 




I fit everything inside one international sized rolling bag from Costco which has travel the world with me. I’m not a big spender when it comes to luggage as efficient is key, especially for carry on travel. I put everything else inside my large Longchamp including my cross body Balenciaga, which will be my main purse for this trip.



I travel in my glasses so I carry my contacts, camera, cords, iPad so I don’t have multiple bags. It’s easy when going from city to city. Here are the rest of the items in my Longchamp:


  • headphones I don’t like carrying my wireless ones, but my skull candy so i can listen to music and watch a movie
  • jack splitter for our headphones
  • eye mask
  • sleep aid/Ambien
  • lavender hand sanitizer smells amazing (Whole Foods)
  • Josie Maran- Argan Oil for my skin, hair and cuticle as they get really dry
  • wet wipes to wipe down arm rests and for the bathroom
  • Colgate Wisp I’m obsessed. It’s like a mini-toothbrush with insta paste. I don’t have to get up. I can use 2 to get the job done on long flights.
  • external charger for iPhone
  • Kind bars
  • Internation converters (not shown)


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