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There's nothing more I love than helping women to find their voice, self-love and confidence.
The best speakers feel like they are connecting to you through conversation. So that's what I do; I conversate. As a stylist, confidence curator and wellness advocate, I encourage you dig deep and reflect on your lifeSTYLE with a renewed sense of purpose and intension.

Whether your group is social, corporate, or non-profit, I can help you connect in a way that is authentic and fresh. Some of the things I talk about can include:
- Find your purpose
- Creating your style manifesto
- Sibling Suicide Survivor & cancer support
- Cultivating your self-care rituals
- Chasing goals not desire

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It's easy to allow life circumstances to drain your energy and prevent you from thriving.
From losing my sister to suicide, changing careers and my mom's battle with cancer, I have suffered painful obstacles and some major losses in my life. Participants learn how to turn pain into resilience so they can live the life they desire.

Speaking Keynotes

& Workshops

I believe style is just a 'costume' without confidence. By bringing me to speak at your company, group or campus you are empowering your team with tools of self-care, confidence and style. Investing in their well-being today is shaping stronger more mindful leaders which will increase productivity for years to come.



Balancing a college social life, studying for exams and preparing for formal recruitment can cause stress on students' minds and bodies. This day-long interactive workshop empowers members to feel more balanced, confident and connected through sisterhood activities and breakout sessions. They'll learn how to balance stress, define their personal style with confidence and foster a stronger self-image. Real-life advice, professional styling tips and a healthy dose of sisterhood bonding are thrown into the mix!


It just takes seven seconds to form a first impression. What are you saying? Participants learn how style and body language affects the bottom line while elevating their personal style. They'll leave confident for their next job interview, sales call or networking event styled for success.


This workshop about creating space for body love, manifestation and empowerment through yoga and journaling. New and experienced yogis will expand their practice while learning how to live in alignment with purpose, release fear and cultivate confidence in your body and mind to 'glow' off the matt.


I'm will create a customized keynote/workshop for your groups needs related to personal styling, goal-setting, yoga, career preparation, body positivity and women's empowerment. I'm also available to speak as a moderator or on a panel. Want more one-on-one support? Book a coaching a session!

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Sigma Sigma Sigma styled by Sorority Recruitment Coach Melissa Chataigne

I believe Melissa working with girls on their personal style encouraged them to think outside the box and be more confident. We saw a sharp rise in new members and our chapter finally hit quota after Melissa worked with our house! She’s an asset to any chapter looking to improve their confidence, etiquette, and recruitment numbers.

- Rachel Brahler, Sigma Sigma Sigma Kent State University

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Melissa teaches our girls how to fully embrace their inner and outer beauty. She aligns creativity with goal setting while also bridging self-care to support your goals. She brings a genuine realness people can relate to. Our clients love Melissa and we look forward to facilitating more groups with her in the future!

- Evelyn, Stars Behavioral Health Group Care Services

M.Crincoli Shalhevet Teacher

Melissa is a gem of a human. She did a Body Positive workshop with the high school girls at my school. They were inspired by Melissa and connected with her so much that they were able to share on a deeper level. We all came out of the workshop feeling empowered. I'm already in the process of trying to have her back for a longer session!

- Teacher, Shalhevet High School

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Melissa is warm, empathetic, and sincere. Her storytelling abilities are heartwarming and uplifting, and her presence alone makes you feel instantly comfortable. From the minute you meet her, Melissa feels like a close friend you’ve had for life. Her positive, upbeat attitude and energy is infectious to be around. I highly recommend her as an empowerment speaker and personal stylist.

- Amy Zhang, Junior League Los Angeles

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Melissa's super power was in complete evidence and she brought exactly what our organization needed. Her compassion is AMAZING! The exercises she brought to Manifest Works touched every single one of us.

- Dan Seavers, Manifest Works


I actually have a job interview, because I just walked in and said I wanted to work. The store manager said he admired how I carried myself with confidence. I attribute this from my lessons with Melissa.”

- Caitlin Hawkins, Greek Member


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Sigma Sigma Sigma styled by Sorority Recruitment Coach Melissa Chataigne

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