I’m sure you’re sick of hearing “New Year, New You!” I’m saying New Year, New Closet! If think you don’t need to read another post on closet organization, you’re wrong. Most our closets could use a bit of a cleaning. Sometimes we don’t realize that we need help when a potential disaster is staring at us in the face. If any of these statements below are true, it might be time to clean out your closet and I’m showing you how in to get it done.


  1. Your closet is filled to the max and you can’t fit any thing in and can barely pull anything out!
  2. You are saving that goal dress for when you lose (insert xxx weight) and it’s been collecting dust since your first child and your are baby number three.
  3. You constantly find items in your closet that still have tags on them and you have no recollection buying them.
  4. A lot of items are dated, stained and don’t flatter your body shape.
  5. You only bought (insert item here) because it was on sale or in your favorite color.
  6. You have so many Halloween costume and ugly Christmas sweaters enough for an offensive line.
  7. If you need to attend an important meeting in a hurry, you would not be able to pull an outfit together.
  8. With all the items in your closet you feel ike you have nothing to wear and end up wearing the same few pieces.



Before you get started it is important to gather the neccessary essentials. Besides a glass of wine, a cat assistant and killer playlist, I suggest uniformed Slimline Hangers and rolling rack to hang and sort items before storing them back into your closet. Since you’ll be tossing out those old college tee shirts and sweats, invest in more versatile laid-back casual options  like this chillax draped tank jumpsuit from Tobi that I paired with a cozy Rails flannel and my pink (color du jour) Adidas Superstars.

Here are my closet cleaning tips in 5 steps:

  1. Empty everything out of your closet in sections. For example start with dresses, suits, shirts and lay on the bed.
  2. Try everything on and asses how it fits you. Toss anything that is ripped or you know you will never take it to the tailor. As yourself: Does it make you happy? Is it a reflection of how you want to be perceived in you profession or personal life?
  3. Sort in 4 piles; keep, toss, donate or sell. I like to use ThredUP to sell my clothing (J Brand, Free People, Michael Kors) items and Rebagg  for my designer handbags.
  4. Re-organize items in your closet based on color and sleeve length so your closet is more visually appealing to eye and things are easier to locate.
  5. Take note of everything you kept. How does this define your style?

 Repeat this every season for the best results. Let me know how this has worked for you in comments section below.


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